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DBA partners with Red Setter on ‘My Life in Design’ Podcast

The DBA is delighted to be collaborating with Red Setter on the second series of the ‘My Life in Design’ Podcast, featuring design leaders talking about how they got where they are today. 

Supporting the industry by championing the transformative power of design, the DBA is a natural partner to the podcast in its ongoing commitment to break down barriers in the design industry and make it a more inclusive and diverse community.

How did some of the world’s best designers, strategists, and agency leads, get into design? How did they know it was even a thing they could form a career around? With episodes landing each week on Thursdays, the ‘My Life in Design’ Podcast answers these questions and more. 

A collaboration between Red Setter and the DBA, the newly launched second season speaks to another group of design leaders about their journeys, unlocking their secrets and sharing their learnings to building a career in design, from education, to internships, to first jobs, to failures and success. Crucially offering actionable advice to the next generation of how to make design a successful career. 

Hosted by Claire Blyth, co-founder of the Design Community Hub and founder of Red Setter, a brand design PR specialist, her previous guests have included Gush Mundae of Bulletproof, Max Ottignon of Ragged Edge and Kathryn and Kirsty of Mother Design.

The new series kicks off with guests Baxter & Bailey, with future guests including: Aporva Baxi of DixonBaxi, Dave Palmer of LOVE, Liza Enebeis of Studio Dumbar, Craig Oldham of Office of Craig Oldham, and Vince Frost (amongst others).

Speaking of the new collaboration, the DBA’s chief executive Deborah Dawton says: “The DBA is delighted to be partnering Red Setter on the ‘My Life in Design’ podcast. Featuring industry role models, the series will explore their fascinating, wide-ranging journeys into a life in design.”

“I’ve always loved the opportunities in the design sector,” says Blyth. “There are so many different ways into it. There are so many different careers to be found in it. And it’s packed full of people with fascinating stories to tell. That’s what I want to shine a light onto with this podcast.”

In the first ten episodes, listeners heard the founder of the world’s largest independent branding firm tell the story of how graffiti first sparked his love of typography. Another explored the links between branding and religion. And the head of global brand experience at a leading consumer goods corporate talked about how design gives him a glimpse into the future.

This series we hear Liza from Studio Dumbar talk about her pancake analogy for roles within an agency, how Aporva from DixonBaxi created hand made portfolios in boxes that he took along to his favourite studios, and how comics and Bauhaus influenced Matt & Dom from Baxter & Bailey.

“Whether you’re looking for your first break in the industry, or you’re looking for your latest inspiration, I think these conversations have something to offer everyone,” says Blyth. With the DBA committed to helping the industry attract future talent from diverse backgrounds into the sector, adds Dawton: “By celebrating how differences are valuable, I’m excited to see the podcast help inspire this positive change.”

Series Two, Episode One: available now

The first episode of series two, featuring powerhouse duo Baxter & Bailey, is now available, with new episodes landing each week. 

Speaking with Claire Blyth in the first episode, Matt Baxter, creative director, and Dom Bailey, strategic director at Baxter & Bailey, share their journey from school, to starting their careers, and launching their own brand design agency. Picking up a bucket load of awards along the way and consistently delivering design excellence. You’ll also hear: 

  • How Matt linked his love for music and comics to an eventual career in the design industry 
  • How the discovery of Bauhaus lit a fire in Dom 
  • How the need for diversity is a key issue for both of them and what they are doing to create change.

Listen in on iTunes, Spotify and other leading podcast platforms and watch this space as more episodes follow this year!  


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