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New thinking, new business: The impact of DBA training

For Nalla, the practical advice they’ve gained from DBA training workshops has had a direct and sustained effect on their agency. Here they talk about the impact of DBA training on their business, their team and the way they work.

Nalla team
Nalla team

Over the past few years, the team here at Nalla have benefited from attending a range of training courses offered by the DBA.

When searching for training for the team, one of the first things we look at is the facilitator or speaker. We have found that facilitators and speakers who have a strong background in the design industry are able to provide far more relevant training and advice. This has been a solid selling point for why we’ve opted for DBA training; the speakers use their industry knowledge to address the particular challenges faced by design agencies ensuring the sessions really meet the needs of our business and team. 

Waitrose Drinks Festival / Nalla

It’s worth pulling out one training course example in particular to demonstrate the effect on our business. Last year, two members of our team attended a half-day DBA workshop on design effectiveness. This session outlined processes to measure effectiveness as well as case studies from past winners.

The team was able to action change from the first day back in the studio in two ways:

 1.   We embedded a culture of measurement into our processes. We ensure results are part of the very first conversation with clients. We translate this into the creative brief which is signed off by the client and guarantees alignment to tangible results and metrics at the start of every project. This has not only resulted in better ROI statistics but also ensured the client is aligned to objective results, not subjective.

2.   We have also ensured that every conversation or presentation to potential clients shows our proven ROI. We use tailored language to demonstrate the effectiveness of design to give them confidence in our abilities and lower the perception of risk when choosing an agency. 

Informa / Nalla
Informa / Nalla

The DBA training sessions have provided our team with practical actions rather than simply theoretical advice, and we are seeing greater engagement and results from our new business conversations, as well as team and company-wide improvements.

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About: Nalla

Nalla is an award-winning branding agency specialising in helping B2B2C businesses attract and engage more customers and talent. They bring a fresh perspective and expertise to help businesses solve real problems, not symptoms. Since 2010, they have worked across a wide variety of sectors and collaborated with high-profile national and international clients such as Waitrose, Informa, EY and Greene King.


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