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Engaging for success: enhancing performance through employee engagement

Research from the Engaging for Success report tells us companies with employee engagement scores in the top quartile had 18% higher productivity than those in the bottom quartile. And companies with employee engagement scores in the top quartile had twice the annual net profit of those in the bottom quartile.

Employee engagement goes beyond simple job satisfaction. It combines commitment to the organisation and its values with a willingness to go the extra mile for colleagues. Engaged employees are both more productive and more fulfilled than their less engaged counterparts. Employee engagement is a key ingredient for organisational success and employee wellbeing. 

Understanding your people, pinpointing issues and tackling them transparently will lead to happier staff and in turn an increase in productivity and profitability. Read on to find out how the DBA can help you engage with the people who make your business, with our new members-only Employee Engagement Survey created in partnership with creative industry experts JourneyHR.

Employee Engagement Survey for DBA Members


There is evidence to suggest that engaged employees are both more productive and more fulfilled than their less engaged counterparts. Engagement is therefore a key ingredient for organisational success and employee wellbeing.  

Show your employees their voices are valued and heard by taking part in our Employee Engagement Survey, open 6-20 September 2019. The survey will quickly and effectively provide your organisation with employee insights, and your results will be put in context using benchmark scores based on DBA members. The detailed report of findings containing commentary, charts and analysis by subgroup (such as company type, employee age group and so on) will show how engaged your employees are, as well as their views on key topics such as leadership, communications, retention and line management. 

Don’t miss out on this robust and cost-effective approach to employee engagement insights and benchmarking. If you have any questions please contact | Eleanor Singh, Project Manager, DBA.

how-to-manage-your-teamHow to manage your team

Half-day workshop | 17 September | PM

Join us at this half-day workshop where you’ll walk away with a clear process to delegate well, the confidence to have difficult conversations and deliver clear messages and much more. Your session will be led by Aliya Vigor-Robertson, co-founder of JourneyHR. Spaces are limited, so to give yourself and your team the best chance at success find out more and book here today.


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