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How to buy design: 05 Pitch brief

designmeeting_l_56297325_155Adequate preparation is key to ensuring you get the very most from your pitch meeting. By completing the following information for your potential design partners, you ensure that they have all of the information they need to make the most of your time on the day.

Client name



This is an introduction to your company, who it is, what it does, where it operates from and how long it has been trading. It should cover the specific part of the business the project is being commissioned from if there is more than one operating division or site. A reference to the website with any particular pages to note can be included here.


This section should give an overview of the project, where it was conceived, what it has set out to achieve, where it has got to and what is needed next. It could include why designers are being brought in at this stage as well as any reference to any other designers that have been or are working on it currently. This will indicate how the new agency will fit in to the overall mix. See ‘Writing your design brief’ (Section 2)

The presentation

This should cover a bit about the presentation the agency is being invited to. It will cover details such as time allocated, what is required by the panel such as case studies, a demonstration of previous experience, something about how the agency operates, any thoughts they might have about the project as well as time for questions.

Who will be attending

Sometimes it is useful to let the invited agencies know who is on the panel. If known, the names and titles of the panel can be listed and if their role on the project is unclear then a comment as to how they connect to it. Will a procurement department be involved? If so, consider sharing contact details.

The process

Depending on how much you want to reveal, this section can cover a little about the selection process itself, how the agency came to be invited, how many are being invited, a confirmation of the pitch date, when the agency will know the outcome of the pitch and how feedback and questions will be handled.

Contact details

This should cover any details such as the site address for the pitch, any travel or parking details, where the pitch is to be held internally, contact details for switchboard or a colleague (just in case your mobile is off during a pitch), the pitch organisers contact details and the suggested route for any questions.


More information

If in doubt about any part of the process or you have questions that are specific to what you are trying to achieve, ask the DBA, who will almost certainly know someone who will be able to answer your questions or help in the process.

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