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How to buy design: 06 Pitch score sheet

assessment_l_57343779_155Download: Pitch score sheet

The pro forma is an example and indicative of the sort of scoring sheet that has proved useful, especially when a pitch team is seeing a lot of agencies on one day.

You may want to develop it further, so that you can modify it to match what you are looking for and the information requested in the pitch brief sent to the invited agencies (see section 4).

Notes on use

The scoring system is up to you. It can be out of 5 or out of 10 for instance. You can apply a weighting score if there are elements of the pitch that are more important to you than others.

Ideally, the sheets should be completed at the end of each pitch. It is quite difficult to go back and remember who said what after a whole day listening to different designers talk about their work and how they will approach the project.

When briefing the pitch panel, ensure they bear in mind that you will be giving feedback to the unsucessful agencies and will require as much detail as they can provide for each pitch to allow you to do this.

Put aside some time to prepare before you start calling the unsuccessful agencies. It is not an easy task to discuss why they might have been unsuccessful and they will want to ask questions to help them improve their performance next time round.

One of the ways to do this is to use a new sheet as the feedback sheet, aggregating all the comments and the scores so that you do not have to look through or shuffle all the sheets (with potentially difficult to read hand writing and doodles on) when on the phone to the agency. There is another pro forma that has been developed to help in the process (see section 7).


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