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DBA drinks: quenching the thirst in Clerkenwell Green

What was discussed when DBA members got together to have a natter about design and the world at large?

It was a sizzlingly hot evening last week, when DBA members got together to quench their thirst and have a natter about design and the world at large… something that feels especially important at the moment. dba meetup

It’s not surprising then that the consequences of the EU referendum featured strongly in conversation. Across the board, there was a stoical approach – many using the now rather hackneyed “Keep calm and carry on” mantra. But the effects are already being felt, with several members commenting that clients in some sectors – travel and finance in particular – have cancelled or postponed projects.

When not discussing Brexit, conversations veered wildly from free pitching, to the benefits of Airbnb when setting up a satellite office, from getting design accepted in boardrooms, to developing the right culture at your agency. It’s a great forum to meet your peers, broaden perspectives and make a new contact or two. That, after all, is what these events are all about.

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