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Europe news: Driving the profile of design at European level

DBA CEO Deborah Dawton has been reappointed to the Board of the Bureau of European Design Associations for a further two year term.

Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA)

In challenging times for Europe, BEDA’s remit to communicate and promote to the European Authorities the value of design and innovation to the continent’s economy, has never been more pertinent.

BEDA was founded in 1969 and is the largest design representation body in Europe. The BEDA board work to win the ear of the EU on all things design related. Our relationship with BEDA is a key one for the DBA, with the role of design and innovation in the Commission impacting the capabilities of national organisations such as ours, to deliver real benefit to business and designers.

DBA CEO Deborah Dawton has recently been reappointed onto the BEDA Board for a further two year term, having previously completed terms as both BEDA President and Secretary.

About BEDA

beda logoBEDA’s 46 professional design and trade association members, from 25 member states, represent about 400,000 individuals designers across Europe.

BEDA is deeply involved in the shaping of policy for Europe and in raising awareness of the importance of design as a business tool. It aims to educate politicians to understand that design can be an enabler for change and to improve competitiveness for European industry. Ultimately, it wants an improved life for European citizens, through design.

As a result of many years successful lobbying in Brussels, today, design is part of the innovation policy for Europe called Innovation Union 2020.

Events and resources

BEDA members account for the majority of all design activities undertaken at a national and regional level across Europe. The Events Calendar highlights just a few of the diverse activities taking place to promote design, to educate companies about the benefits of design and to raise the awareness of the impact of design in our every day lives.

BEDA members also publish a huge amount of material that covers everything from national surveys and scoping reports to policy documents and thought leadership pieces. BEDA has also published several reports on design in Europe today, which can be downloaded.


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Image supplied by: European Commission | BEDA


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