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Relationship Radar Pulse® – New client relationship auditing service developed exclusively for DBA members Details

The DBA is all about effectiveness. The effectiveness of the work you do and of the businesses you run.

How effectively do you manage your client relationships? Relationship Radar Pulse® has been developed for DBA members to give a regular snapshot of the health of client relationships allowing you to quickly identify issues and resolve problems before they escalate.

In order for both of these to prosper, the agency/client relationship needs to be optimised. Successful projects are born out of successful relationships – even our Design Effectiveness Award trophies split in two – shared by agency and client, in recognition of their collaboration. But, just like a marriage you need to continually work on the relationship or it can gradually fade away.

The design industry is one based on relationships. Agencies are often hired due to initial chemistry, but they are fired due to servicing issues. When relationships start to sour they often change quickly – but what if you could see the change coming and were able to take action to keep the relationship positive and effective? After all, if you don’t measure you can’t manage.

Relationship Radar Pulse® does just that. It gives you the advantage of being able to identify potential issues and resolve problems before they escalate – leading to longer, more fruitful relationships. It is an online feedback system that provides agencies with a regular snapshot of the health of client relationships across all touch-points.

Relationship Radar Pulse® is the brain child of RAM’s founding partners Simon Rhind-Tutt and Carey Evans, two of the most respected marketing/client servicing brains in the industry.

Their extensive experience in the design and advertising sectors (Grey, Michael Peters, Wickens Tutt Southgate, Young & Rubicam, DMB&B and Lintas) taught them that the key to being a profitable agency was managing the relationships with their clients. Longer, happier relationships lead to better performance, with better outcomes for all. Relationship Radar Pulse® is based around this premise. It has been developed specifically and exclusively for DBA members.

What is Relationship Radar Pulse®?

It is an online feedback system that provides agencies with a regular snapshot of the health of your client relationships across all touch-points. A simple survey is sent to your client contacts. It takes them 3-4 minutes to complete. You can then gauge the health of those relationships across all points – from senior marketing contacts to junior brand managers to procurement specialists. You can compare one client with another, or against the group of DBA agencies working with RAM (with confidentiality assured).

andrewbarraclough_190Why not do it yourself?

You get on well with your clients – why not do your own survey you might ask?

“You can’t mark your own homework. You need someone outside being very honest about the state of the relationship and how you can improve. It is the only way to go,” says Andrew Barraclough, Vice President Design, GSK.

GSK is a DBA member through their participation in the DBA Design Leaders Network. They have worked with RAM for a number of years at a detailed level. Watch Andrew’s testimonial in the video below.

What does it allow you to measure?

There are nine main areas that the survey asks your clients to score:

  1. Quality of people, resources and skills
  2. Chemistry and working relationship
  3. Client centricity and commercial awareness
  4. Responsive and regularly exceeding expectations
  5. Quality of core creative
  6. Delivery on time and on budget
  7. Being relevantly proactive
  8. Value for money
  9. Likelihood to recommend


Prices vary depending on the frequency of your surveys and the number of client recipients. For up to 50 client contacts prices start at just over £3,000, but there is a sliding scale depending on how long you sign up for.

The recommended minimum frequency is twice a year (or once each year for two years) because this enables you to have time to look for improvements and start to understand the impact of your investment. There are cost incentives for committing to multiple busts upfront. However, there is no harm in dipping your toe in to start with. The data dashboard, and the report you receive will give you an honest insight into how you are viewed by your clients.

Managing to retain your clients for longer is the return on your investment. We all know how expensive it is finding new clients. It is far more cost effective to keep hold of the ones you already have.

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To discuss the service in more detail and which options would be best for your business contact RAM directly stating that your business is a DBA member:

Carey Evans
020 7287 1737


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