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Twenty/Twenty mentoring: don’t just take our word for it!

Applications are now open for the DBA’s mentoring scheme Twenty/Twenty, which connects the next generation of industry leading lights to the great and the good in design for a 12-month, one-to-one mentoring relationship.


Since its launch in 2011, the innovative programme has gone from strength-to-strength, with over 330 participants and impactful results. The calibre of mentors involved in the programme is unrivalled in the design industry. But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve brought together a variety of quotes from previous mentees whose businesses have directly benefited from Twenty/Twenty across the years:

mentoringOn the value of Twenty/Twenty

“The experience has been more worthwhile than I could’ve imagined.” Stewart Steel, Digital Director, Good Creative

“My mentor was brilliant, and gave so much more than I expected. As a sole owner in the business, I don’t have peers with similar experience so it was brilliant to draw on his wealth of knowledge.” Ian Johnston, Owner, Quinine

“Having a design industry mentor has hugely benefitted my business. We’re more confident and clearly focused on what we want to achieve.” Dan Moscrop, Owner, Them

“Finding someone who is in the same industry but has an objective viewpoint on you and your situation can be invaluable. I don’t think you even need to go into it with a major business ‘issue’ to deal with. The chance to share war stories with someone that’s seen it and done it is worth the time in itself.” Stewart Steel, Digital Director, Good Creative

 The calibre of the Twenty/Twenty mentors

“My own agency Spring was emerging from a brutal recession into a new normal, and to receive guidance from Jim (Prior, CEO of The Partners and Lambie Nairn) was the equivalent of being taught chess by a Grand Master!” Erika Clegg, Co-Founder, Spring

“I’ve been hugely impressed by the calibre of the mentors on the programme. I thought the DBA would have good people, but didn’t expect many of them to be real industry names I’ve heard of and hold in extremely high regard. My mentor has been a perfect match for me both professionally and personally.” Dan Moscrop, Owner, Them

“I feel so privileged that I am a part of the DBA, and that we have access to it in the UK. My mentor has 30 years experience in the industry, and this just doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. The support the DBA offers is amazing.” Ian Johnston, Owner, Quinine

Having time to really focus on your businessmentoring

“You spend so much time thinking about how to please your clients, and not nearly enough time focusing on the business itself. My mentor was able to put everything into perspective – being reflective yet forward focused at the same time. As he had distance, he was able to bring observations and points that I would never have seen.” Ian Johnston, Owner, Quinine

“It was great to have someone spend time completely focused on our business and the challenges we faced.” Andy West, Director, MultiAdaptor

Driving up confidence

“Mentoring has been a bit of a catalyst. Once you see small things start to change, due to action you’ve taken, you build the confidence to tackle larger issues. These increasingly larger tweaks begin to hugely effect the outcome of your business.” Dan Moscrop, Owner, Them

“It was good to just have someone to really listen to you about your frustrations, or to get a business decision reaffirmed.” Andy West, Director, MultiAdaptor

Benefiting clients

“Having this programme specifically tailored for the design/creative industry not only benefits agencies of all sizes but also means that clients will see a step change in the quality and effectiveness of work delivered by the more robust agencies.” OwenTurner, MD, United by Design

Having a mentor with a vast wealth of experience, who helps you better understand the opportunities for your business and to tackle your fears in a supportive, exploratory way can help you take firm control of your agency’s future, and deliver transformational results.


The deadline to apply for Twenty/Twenty 2019 is Friday 23 November 2018. Read more and complete your application here.


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