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Could you be an Export Champion?

The DBA’s latest Annual Survey Report highlighted that on average for member agencies, 24% of fee income is from overseas clients. Many DBA members are successfully selling their design services abroad.

We’re working with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to identify ‘Export Champions’ amongst you, who can lead by example and help spark a movement around the UK of companies selling their products and services overseas, to help drive growth of the UK economy. 

Through our work over the coming years, we will also be supporting you to expand your reach internationally into new markets and for those of you who are yet to embark on overseas trade, helping you prepare your business to successfully export. 

What is an Export Champion and why are they being recruited?

Export Champions are everyday businesses of all shapes and sizes from around the UK who are proudly selling overseas.

They form a nationwide network of UK companies that are ambassadors for exporting; sharing success stories, offering practical advice and leading by example.

They are being recruited as part of the Department for International Trade’s Exporting is GREAT campaign. The campaign centres on raising awareness of the benefits of exporting, informing companies where they can go for support, and inspiring more of them to start trading internationally – or to expand their current reach. Exporting is GREAT aims to spark a movement around the UK of companies selling their products and services overseas. 

As an Export Champion, members will:

  • become part of Exporting is GREAT, the Government’s most ambitious export-focused campaign ever, created to help drive substantial growth of the UK economy
  • join a UK-wide network of like-minded, proud exporters who will be central to an online community where companies can go to ask questions, get advice on overcoming barriers and find out where to get specific support
  • have access to a suite of customisable digital Exporting is GREAT assets to use in communication/marketing activity and show support for the campaign
  • be considered for the campaign’s creative and related PR, social media and advertising activity

Sign up

The aim is to inspire UK businesses and show that whilst exporting may not always be easy, the obstacles can be overcome and the results are worth it.

If you would like to get involved and be part of the campaign, you can sign up via a short form here

Matt Round and Melinda Darbyshire of DBA member Tangerine
Matt Round and Melinda Darbyshire of DBA member Tangerine

About: Department for International Trade (DIT)

DIT is a UK Government department working with businesses based in the United Kingdom to help them export and ensure their success in international markets; we encourage and help overseas companies and governments to source UK products and services and connect with UK partners; and help potential investors to set up in the UK.

Guidance on international trade



Access a variety of guides, advice and case studies to help your design business successfully export. Go to DBA Resources and select ‘International trade’.


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