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From receiving expert help and guidance to benchmarking your business’ performance, the Members’ Area is a gateway to resources, services and support specifically developed for those working in the field of design.

Some sections are exclusively accessible to DBA members, connecting you to the extensive range of benefits your membership provides.

DBA membership extends to everyone working within your business – all members of your team can register for their own password – ensuring the whole team benefits.

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If you have a particular business challenge or are looking to move your agency to the next level, we’ll work closely with you to connect you to an expert, whatever the issue. We’ve identified expert consultants with sustained and relevant experience in supporting the design industry, so you can rest assured that we can introduce you to the right one to meet your needs.

Our Experts have extensive experience supporting the creative industries and are:

  • DBA Approved.
  • Recommended by peers.
  • Reference checked.

If you’re interested in becoming a DBA Expert find out more. Alternatively email Eleanor Singh or call 020 7251 9229 for more information.

Ralph Ardill

Ralph Ardill

Ralph is an internationally recognised expert consultant helping businesses discover their purpose and deliver winning customer and employee brand experiences.

Areas of Expertise: Business processes, C-suite design foresight, Financial planning, People, Sales & Marketing


Roberta Ronsivalle Pearce

Roberta supports you in becoming the leader you want to be and designing an organisation you want to work for. She helps you hone your unique vision and purpose, so you can create experiences, culture and employees that make a bigger impact and a lasting difference.

Areas of Expertise: Leadership, People

Russell Edson

Russell Edson

Russell can assist with gaining reductions in tax liabilities via the UK Patent Box tax relief system. He often works closely with mixed client/design consultancy project teams and can advise on the IP rights and risks of either the end client or the design consultancy.

Areas of Expertise: Legal & ethical

Shan Preddy

Shan Preddy

Shan is a Partner at Preddy&Co, which runs dynamic and highly effective Presentation Skills training workshops for design firms and in-house design teams: all disciplines, all shapes and sizes, worldwide.

Areas of Expertise: People

Steinar Amland

Steinar Valade-Amland

Steinar helps organisations and individuals unlock their potential through the exploitation of design thinking, design management and design methodologies. Focus is on how to improve organisational performance and innovation capacity through stakeholder engagement strategies, through building creative capacity and a design driven culture, and through fostering the capabilities to effectively manage creative processes.

Areas of Expertise: Business processes, C-suite design foresight, Sales & Marketing, Strategic design management


Tim Duncan

Tim is founder and managing director of TDC PR, an integrated communications consultancy representing clients in the creative, design and innovation industries.

Areas of Expertise: Sales & Marketing


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