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Festive mullings to warm-up your business for 2024

Get a head-start on the January workout, with this gentle warm-up exercise for your business. 

The Wise Men and Women of the DBA Experts Register share 15 questions you could ask to reflect on the year gone by and to help shape a bright future. 

Is more of the same good enough?

You’ve delivered some great work in 2023, but don’t rest on past glories. An early reveal from the ‘2024 What Clients Think’ report* shows 59% of clients want something different from their agency next year, related to particular challenges they’re facing. Never sit back – keep asking questions.


Jonathan Kirk, Up to the Light

How will AI impact our creative industries?

In 2024, how can the creative industries remain resilient in the face of AI’s rise? And how can regulation keep pace with the transformative nature of the tools and capabilities? Will it change your business for the better or threaten it? How will you respond?


Katherine Sandford-Anderson, Sandford PR

What’s your company’s story going to be?

Your company’s story matters. It’s what you tell clients when selling to them, what you talk to talent about when recruiting them, what you tell investors when getting investment or exiting. Decisions you make now impact on your story later. Make it count!


Chris Lang, Flash Partners

How will we design a better world?

Believe. Be Bold. Aim High. Transform More. Tinker Less. Find Purpose. Follow Passion. Do What Matters. Say No More. Challenge Things. Break Things. Create Better Things. Have Principles. Pay For Them. Inspire People. Support Communities. Learn More. Fear Less. Grow Your Own Way. Commit. A Better World Beckons.


Ralph Ardill, The Brand Experience Consultancy

Am I part of the solution…?

For decades design was a driver of economic growth and over-consumption, hence an instrumental contributor to climate change and depletion of natural resources, but just like design can be part of the problem, it can be an equally powerful part of the solution. Your choice.


Steinar Valade-Amland, Three Point Zero

How consistent was your marketing in 2023?

Stopping and starting marketing and new business activity is why pipelines falter. If this was you, try rethinking your objectives and strategy then plan your activity. If your strategy is right, you’ll have the confidence to implement it, if the plan is right, you’ll have the resource to stick to it.


Lucy Mann, Gunpowder Consulting

Are you ready for AI’s reality? 

This isn’t the time to throw in the towel on your agency’s human-led creativity. Embrace AI tools to achieve results, drive ideation and then allow your human creativity to shine alongside. This is the holy grail which will distinguish businesses of the past from those of the future.


Jeremy Paterson, IF Media Consultancy

How well do you delegate?

Delegation is essential to business and professional growth, developing skills and assets, and building team engagement, motivation, shared purpose, trust and accountability. It frees you to work on the business not just in it, supporting future-proofing and helping to get stuff done quicker. How well do you delegate?


Lucy Unger, Mentor, Consultant and NED 

Is there still room for craft?

Having caught a glimpse of Ridley Scott’s beautiful hand drawn storyboards for Napoleon, it really inspired me! In these days of ever more dominant tech – and the new reality of AI – how and where does human brain/hand craft fit and perform relevantly (and efficiently) in the current design agency world?


Andy Cripps, Andy Cripps Design Management

How would you play this (political) party-game?

A general election will be called in 2024 – how would you rebrand the major parties to improve their chances, or perhaps reflect the reality of their policies?


Adrian Day, Consultant and Non-Exec Director

Have you seen those you serve? 

Today, business prioritises speed over quality, efficiency over effectiveness, “the now” over longer-term impact – amplified by a preference for flexible/WFH. It is easy to shortcut proper insights and inspiration and this can also be true of connection with colleagues. Get out there! See people face-to-face. Advocate for those you serve.


John Gleason, A Better View Strategic Consulting

How do we drive right to repair?

How are you designing products to be repaired, rather than thrown away for a minor fault? In 2024, let’s embrace design practices which support ease of disassembly and accessible, affordable repairs.


Jack O’Hern, Wright Vigar Chartered Accountants

Does your audience always get your message? 

Success in communication involves precise tailoring, and that means really understanding each audience. Example? Take a look at this video ad from The Beefy Boys, Hereford’s artisanal burger entrepreneurs-with-attitude. Make sure you watch right to the end. Merry Christmas!


Shan Preddy, PREDDY&CO

How persuasive will you be in 2024?

The way to get somebody to do something well is to make them want to do it. As Henry Ford said: “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to see the other person’s point of view as well as your own”


Gary Baxter, Lightbox Consulting

Who’s looking forward to January?

We all know the importance of an engaged and motivated team so make sure you find some time to reset after the festive break to gather their feedback and make your agency even better. As a leader you don’t always have to be the one with all the answers…


Aliya Vigor-Robertson, JourneyHR

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* A new statistic from Up to the Light’s 2024 ‘What Clients Think’ report which will be published in March.  


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