The British Design Fund

The British Design Fund is an investment fund that invests in and provides support for early stage UK product design and manufacturing companies. It seeks to invest between £25,000 and £150,000 in return for circa 15% to 30% equity.

What can a Non-Executive Director do for me?

Need an alternative view on a big decision? Want to raise your consultancy’s profile? Planning for a sale? Developing a new vision and strategy and need to test it? Is there an impasse between the executive directors that needs unblocking? Concerned no-one is scrutinising your accounts?

A non-executive director (NED) can help the leadership team address these challenges and more. Adrian looks at what a good NED actually does, and how you go about appointing one.

Member stories: the transformative power of design

Design has the power to transform businesses, public services and people’s lives, but day-to-day, DBA members are facing design sceptics; those who may not understand the breadth of challenges design can solve. Here is a selection of great examples of DBA members in action; converting sceptics, building the importance and integrity of design in the minds of their clients and throughout the businesses they work in.

Crazy times call for courageous creative thinkers

Seize the opportunity, understand the context, change the context and create the impossible. Management and clients alike hate uncertainty and unpredictability, a space we all find ourselves in today but creativity in itself is surely an unpredictable process so the creative mindset should have an advantage with the events that now affect us all.

Brexit: legal implications for the design industry

Following the Prime Minister’s speech the DBA has already considered some of the implications of the likely change in status of the European Court of Justice and OHIM and the likely impacts on the design industry.

Converting the sceptics

Getting design understood and valued at board level is the holy grail – but that means talking in business terms
 and converting the sceptics, argues Raymond Turner.